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I specialise in Seasonal Vinyassa Flow, Body Clock and Prenatal Yoga, but classes can be tailored to suit a wide variety of needs. All classes incorporate pranayama (breath work), asana practice (postures) and relaxation time.  For details of open group classes please see my teaching schedule.  Alternatively, private tuition gives you the opportunity to work with me to create a practice that focuses on any specific issues that you would like to address. For example, flexibility, injuries or developing a yoga practice to support a training programme.  Here are some examples:

seasonal yoga.jpg
​Seasonal Yoga

A holistic vinyassa flow class incoporating dynamic asana practice and music with diet and lifestyle tips.  This class blends yoga with chinese medical theory to adapt your practice to the particular energy levels of the time of year supporting your overall health and well-being.

constructive rest.jpg
Yoga for Anxiety & PTSD

Developed through studying with the Veterans Yoga Project in the US, this programme uses a variety of yoga and mindfulness techniques to help those struggling with anxiety related conditions and PTSD to learn how to understand and work with the mind-body connection and begin to take positive steps towards understanding and managing their symptoms.    

Body Clock Flow​

Blending QiGong with yoga asana to stimulate the body's energy systems and re-establish our circadian rhythms.  Perfect if you are struggling with insomnia, jet lag or feeling low on energy and are in need of a boost.

​Tailored yoga

Tailored yoga programmes to focus on a specific issue or support your sporting passions. Stress, bad backs, tight hamstrings, illness or injury - yoga can help you on the road to recovery or feature as part of a training programme to strengthen and release specific muscle groups and enhance your performance.

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