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Pre and Postnatal Yoga

My son was born in 2008 after an induced posterior labour and emergency c-section.  Although I didn't practice yoga when I was pregnant, it was in the early years of motherhood that I was drawn back to the practice as I sought time, space and energy to nurture my frazzled body and mind.  I often wonder if his birth and my recovery and early parenting experiences would have been different if I had practised yoga at the time, and as my knowledge and understanding of both pre-natal and other forms of yoga has grown, I've become increasingly convinced that the answer is YES!

I am now passionate about passing on this knowledge to expectant mothers and their partners. I offer private and group classes, day retreats and short-courses to small groups to ensure you receive focused, tailor-made support to help you prepare for your own personal birthing journey.  Classes are open, friendly and inclusive, providing you with a safe, fun and supportive environment to explore the exciting journey towards parenthood.  

Postnatal classes are open to Mums and Babies from 6-12 weeks postpartum (depending on delivery), to when your little one starts to crawl.  The focus is on encouraging your baby's growth, co-ordination and development, whilst supporting you in your postnatal recovery and in the management of the stresses and strains of those early, exhausting months of motherhood.  Each class includes time for a cup of tea and a chat with other Mums to help you build social connections with other families in the local community.

Please contact me for more information.

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