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Wise Ones


Are you a Wise One in your local community?

Wise Ones classes are for the young at heart who refuse to feel as old as their years and would like to keep it that way!

Based on the principles of Seasonal Yoga and the ancient Chinese exercise system of QiGong we will boost the body's systems by working through a gentle but energising flow to promote your flexibility, mobility, immunity, independence, health and well being.

Aimed at those age 60+ but open to all, Wise Ones classes also focus on keeping you connected to your local community, so will include time for a cuppa and a chat, an optional walk in the fresh air to get the blood pumping and even the occasional boogie!


For more information or to find a class near you, please contact Helen McGougan on m. 07766 562811 e.

You can also visit or subscribe to the Wise Ones website for lots of great advice.

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